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Return to Play Policies

Cathedral High School

Athletic Department

COVID 19 Return to Play Procedures


Athletes exhibiting 1 of the following symptoms that cannot otherwise be explained will be isolated immediately, sent home and directed to be tested for COVID 19;

  • New cough, shortness of breath

- Sore throat

  • New shortness of breath
  • Fever > 100.4, chills
  • New loss of taste or smell
  • Nausea, Vomiting or diarrhea, abdominal pain
  • Headache-especially new onset of severe headache
  • Loss of taste or smell

The Cathedral Athletic Department requires a copy of the athlete’s test results whether positive or negative. Those with a positive test will require a note from a MD/DO/NP/PA to resume a gradual return to activity progression before returning to practice or competition. The gradual progression will start after the appropriate period of isolation/quarantine and will be supervised by a member of the Cathedral Athletic Training Staff.

The COVID-19 Return To Play Form that must be completed by an MD/DO/NP/PA and the Gradual Return To Play Procedures after COVID-19 Infection. Athletes must complete the progression without the development of symptoms. Referral to a healthcare provider is needed if symptoms present. 

Athletes with close contact exposure, a negative test and are asymptomatic still must be quarantined for 14 days from the last exposure to the COVID +person.Athletes can also choose to do a 10 day quarantine (without a test & asymptomatic), but must wear a mask for 4 days with all practice/competition for 4 days upon return. 

The Cathedral Athletic Department Return to Play Procedures are based on the best available scientific evidence and the recommendations of the American Society for Sports Medicine, American College of Cardiology, National Federation of High Schools and IHSAA. 


Athletic/PE Locker Room Policy


  1. Locker Room

Locker Rooms will be opened beginning August 3, 2020. Athletes will need to practice social distancing of 6 feet as best as can be. Athletes will need to wear a mask until it is time for practice while they are in the locker room. Coaches must stagger the number of athletes in the locker room at a time.

Football - 50/time

Boys PE - 20/time

Girls PE - 20/time

Girls Varsity - 15/time

Boys Basketball - 8/time

Coaches offices - social distancing must be maintained while in coaches office and masks should be worn.


  1. Clothing/Equipment
    1. ​​​​​​​student athlete will need to bring and return to home each day the clothing they workout in. All clothing should be washed after each training session and equipment wiped down. Equipment may be stored in school issued lockers. ALL clothing must be taken home daily.


  1. Training Room

Student Athletes will be limited to 3 plus 1 ATC plus 1 student trainer in the football training room.

Training room in the WAC will be limited to 3 plus 1 trainer.

Training room equipment must be wiped down after each use and all must wear a mask in the training room. It is encouraged but not mandated that trainers wear gloves and change after working with an athlete. At a minimum they must wash or use hand sanitizer after each session. No ice baths/cold tubs.


  1. Number of Participants in locations

WAC - 50

Mimms - 40

Weight Room - 50

Outside - unlimited

Classroom spaces - based on size of the room no more than 15 with a coach. Smaller the better.

            Social distancing should be practiced as much as possible.


Athletic Transportation Policy


Athletic transportation will be limited by number of seats available.  Below is a chart of available seating with our current fleet of vehicles.

5 – Yellow Busses – max capacity 22 passengers/bus

2 – Big Shuttles – max capacity 13 passengers/bus

7 – Small Shuttles – max capacity 7 passengers/bus

Charter Busses – 1 per seat

Teams will need to consider limiting/rotating the number of athletes to certain events.

Larger teams will need to make “dress lists” for some away venues.

Seating on all vehicles will be one per seat alternating window to aisle location.

Permission for athletes to drive with their parents to venues has been approved by the Principal however coaches have the final determination on who is traveling to compete. 

Proper supervision is still mandatory based on the size of vehicle – see below.

            Yellow bus – 2 coaches

            Big Shuttle – 1 coach

            Small Shuttle – 1 coach

            Charter – 2 coaches

Siblings on the same team can sit in the same seats thus expanding the numbers.

All athletes/coaches on a vehicle must wear a mask and sit in the same seat to and from the venue.



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