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2020 Cheerleading Tryouts


Tryout link: Please Complete this Google Form


Please fill out the attached google form by April 13th to receive your tryout material on April 14th. Videos for material will be sent out April 14th at 12pm. If you do not receive your tryout materials, please email Coach Terron.


When: Friday, April 17, 2020 , 4:00-5:30pm

  • *video entry of all required material must be turned in within this time frame. (can be separate videos or all in one) No video entries will be accepted or reviewed outside of the time listed*
  • Please upload your tryout videos to a Google Doc so we will be able to share them between the judges easily
  • If you have any questions please email Coach Terron:


Where: At home, in an area free of obstacles. *Prefered clear background*


What to Wear: Plain White Tee Shirt or Tank Top, Plain School Color Shorts, Crew Socks, Appropriate Footwear (converse or vans not accepted). Please have your hair out of your face and clean, low ponytail or half up half down (bow prefered but not required). Points will be deducted for not wearing required attire.


What We Are Looking For:

*Enthusiasm (Does your energy show, nice big smile)        *Voice (Are you loud and voice upbeat and confident)

*Appearance (No Jewelry, Hair pulled back, wearing the right clothes and shoes)

*Timing (Are you together with counts)                                *Jumps (Soft landing, proper approach & technique)

*Motions (Tight, sharp and proper motion placement)


Video Submission: spiriting before and after is highly encouraged!

  • Subject of email must include this information: First and Last name of athlete
  • If you have any tumbling (round off or more only) please submit a video as well on an approved surface (grass, track, hardwoods, mats) must be a video submission of skills you CURRENTLY have but can be from a previous tumbling class, routine, or practice as long as this is a skill you are going to keep throughout the year.
  • Start with your 3 required jumps in this order: Toe touch, Right Hurdler, Jump of Choice
  • Chant (call it out, and 3 times through)
  • Cheer
  • Dance (music file attached to email)


If You Make The Team: An email will be sent to the email addresses given on Sunday, April 19, 2020 @ 3:00pm regarding further actions required. (future important dates, obligations, payments, etc.) If you do not receive an email by 3:10, you did not make the team. Please feel free to email Coach Terron and we can discuss the areas to improve on from the scoresheet for next year’s tryout. Please DO NOT get discouraged if you do not make the squad this year and please try again next year. Many who don’t make it their first tryout year, make it the second tryout year by identifying weaknesses and working to improve cheer skills. All current cheerleaders must try out again every year and no cheerleader is safe from year to year as ALL spots are open.


*all stunting will be evaluated once our COVID-19 stay at home orders have been lifted and we are approved for practices.*


*Competition squad will be determined after UCA Cheer Camp July 28-31. Camp is a requirement for all athletes who make the Cathedral Cheer Squads.*