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Get to Know Gillian Cridge: Senior Who Won Junior Elite Athlete of the Year Award from USA Triahlon

Gillian Cridge is a senior runner who recently won a national title for the second consecutive time in USA Triathlon. On behalf of winning the award, Cridge accepted a brief interview about her overall experience running and additional information people might like to know about Gillian Cridge.

When did you start getting into sports?

I started when I was six taking swimming classes. I soon grew my passion for running when I was eight and ran my first triathlon when I was 12. I am considered a professional international team only person under 21 Origin Performance. Since being at Cathedral my freshman year I was involved in cross country, swimming and track, my sophomore year I was in cross country and swimming. My junior and senior year I focused more on triathlon.

Tell me more about the award you won from USA Triathlon.

I was voted and nominated from the coaches and admissions from USA triathlon. They look at accomplishments from runners throughout the year for example, “Hey go through and look at top juniors this year, she ranked forth, won nationals and placed 9th in worlds.” This is my second time winning Junior Elite Athlete of the Year from USA Triathlon as I won it last year as well.

Tell me about Ian O’Brien who also won coach of the year.

I met coach Ian three years ago through my previous coach I had. Runs performance. Switching to him helped grow her career eventually go into Olympics. He is super understanding when it comes to school. He’s a NCAA coach throughout his career. We have an extremely good relationship and we communicate very well even though is currently in Colorado. He deserved winning USA Triathlon coach of the year.

Other than running, what are some of your other hobbies?

I love coffee. I am a huge foodie. Hanging out with friends, traveling, concerts and I am not afraid of traveling solo.

What drives your passion for running?

All of the future opportunities that I know I have the potential of doing. Maybe the Olympics someday. The ability to Inspire others. There is a reason why I am doing it and I never get tired. It’s good for your body. Knowing there is something next and more.

Name your most embarrassing moment while during a triathlon. It can be at a race, or it can be from practice.

There are many embarrassing moments but one time I went the wrong on a bike course.

What is your advice for future runners striving to be top in the State?

Do not put too much pressure on yourself. Mix up your training environment to make running less of a bore, almost like writing in the same spot or swimming in the same pool. Enjoy while your run. Do not let your parents ruin your drive for running. Find a mentor or a running partner. Don’t do it alone.

Do you have a team nickname everyone calls you?

My coach calls me Gill.

What is going through your head while running? What genre of music do you typically listen to?

There is some day when I run that I think of nothing, Usually I self-motivate myself saying, “keep your head up, you’re almost done.” I also will count the increments I have completed and what I still need to do to finish a race. For easier rides I typically listen to pop/happier music and for the more challenging workouts I will listen to rock music.

What is your current running record?

Cross Country PR 5k 18:12

Road PR 5k: 17:35

What is your favorite location to run:

Sarasota Bradenton Triathlon in Florida and the Junior World in Lausanne, Switzerland.

As a senior, do you have any future plans after high school?

I will be attending The University of San Francisco International Business and will be on the triathlon team for the NCAA.



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